• Win Rewards As You Walk !
    Download Boni app to your smartphone, collect Boni point as you stroll around a mall. Later accumulate & redeem any of the 100's of gifts.
  • Walk & Win with Boni, get the gift you wish!
  • Boni Walk & Win !
    Boni captures your targeted shoppers when they are nearby and guides them to your store, while reporting every aspect of the process.
Boni is live with its new features
  • Walk & Win with Boni!
    Boni, revolutionized the conventional shop rewarding systems. From now on, the retailers are rewarding their very own customers just because they are walking in front of the shops. Retailers award Boni points to those who visit their stores through a free mobile application called Boni. While collecting these Boni points, users earn the opportunity exchange them with rewards that vary from a cup of coffee to, international airline tickets, without any conditions of expenditure or lottery.
  • Why does Boni Reward you as you visit?
    Every single brand wishes to reward and interact with their loyal customers. Boni, offers an effective and alternative platform for brands to reach and reward their loyal customers.
    Until now, the only way to measure how loyal a customer was the actual shopping transaction. Now, even if a customer hasn't purchased anything, Boni can measure customers' time spent in stores and their frequency of visiting stores. Thus this information reveals true relationship between the brand and customer.
  • How Does It Work?
    Boni with its secured technology by patent can track micro location of smart phones. Shopping malls, retailers and brands need to have Boni signal devices to be in Boni's range. Customers only need to download free Boni app to start experiencing a rewarding way of shopping in our affiliated stores and shopping malls.
    Customers who visit our affiliated stores and shopping malls can receive gifts and campaigns from brands and retailers.
  • How Does the Customer Win?
    It is free to Bonify. You just need to download the free app to your Android or IOS smartphone and visit our affiliate shopping malls to get rewarded. Afterwards, you can earn gifts in exchange of your Boni points. It is that simple!
    There are different funny ways to earn Boni points. You can earn by window shopping or earn by entering the stores. You may get a cone of Ice Cream for a small amount of Boni points or you can decide to go for the big prizes. While shopping, you may also view the latest creation of your favorite brand or a campaign offer.
  • Boni for Shopping Malls
    Shopping Mall Operatives, join the Boni Ecosystem to reward their loyal customers. All the hallways and shop windows are equipped with Boni technology. With the help of this technology, the user behaviors are observed and rewarding schemes are implemented for the targeted customer profile.
    As an addition to behavior tracking, Boni has the ability to redirect customers through Boni's distributed. In the course of working these Boni distribution variations, 55% traffic increase at a certain part of a mall was observed.
  • Boni for Retailers
    Retailers may utilize Boni to guide foot traffic to their stores. Boni defines points at affiliated places in order to guide customers to visit display window of the store and even make them enter the store. Rewarded points at a retailer can later be redeemed for a gift of retailer's choice.
    Additionally, every brand can present micro location based promotional contents through Boni. These contents may be communicated at a display window of a specific shop, at a section of a supermarket or when the customer approaches to a cashier. These spots are determined by both the retailer and Boni, together. Boni presents a huge engagement opportunity at any stage of a shopping cycle.
  • Boni A.S.

    Paris flight ticket


  • Yargici

    Yargici gift card


  • Mobilizm

    Rent a Mini Cooper with Mobilizm


  • Zen Diamond

    Diamond necklace from Zen Diamond

    Metro City

  • Cinemaximum

    Movie stub from Cinemaximum

    Marmara Park

  • Mudo

    Mudo gift card


  • Mc Donald's

    McChicken Extra Menu from McDonald's


Where Is Boni ?
Boni is proceeding on extending its coverage area by adding the leading shopping malls in Turkey to its system. Here is an actual list of the collaborating shopping malls:
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